The Net Zero home is remarkable in so many ways. This two-level 4 bedroom and 2.5 bath comes with renewable energy technology and uses more environmentally safe materials to make it an overall healthier home for you and your family. Not to mention, it looks gorgeous. Let’s take a closer look inside the Net Zero Home to show you the sustainable amenities it has to offer.

look inside the Net Zero home look inside the Net Zero home

Open Houses for the Net Zero Home | 1884 John Muir Circle
Saturday, July 23 (12 – 3:00pm)
Wednesday, July 27 (5 – 8:00pm)

Open Houses in August will be happening, too! Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter.

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First up, a beautifully open plan into the kitchen contains little gems such as the bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is made with non-toxic binders that you may typically see in standard flooring. The bamboo is also a renewable resource, that sprouts up each year and is sustainably harvested. Cabinets are made from sustainably harvested maple and birch wood with cabinets adorned with shining nickel finishes (View our Pinterest page for more inspiration on sustainable hardwoods). When you pass by the granite countertops and gaze up while making your way toward the stairs, you’ll see ceiling fans that are modern and do a great job of circulating the air throughout the entire home.

look inside the Net Zero homelook inside the Net Zero home

Now let’s talk solar. Usually you see the sheen of the solar panels installed on the roof, but let’s take a closer glance at another part of the solar system. Have you ever seen this beauty? This is the actual part of the machine that generates the output of the sun’s energy brought to you by SolarCity. You also may enjoy a much more energy efficient tankless water heating system that takes up much less room than your standard water heater. Heating water in your home usually eats up over 25% of your energy usage. The Noritz tankless water heating system cuts down on that cost. Combine these two technological wonders, and you’ve got yourself a home that generates enough energy to be off the grid. Being “off the grid” means that your energy bills will be much lower compared to using standard electric-powered systems, and this means in the long-term it’ll be better for the earth and for your wallet. A win-win for all.

On top of renewable energy and heat efficiency, the home utilizes energy even further with extra insulation, energy efficient windows, low flow fixtures as well as conserving water with dual flush toilets. All of which make this home healthy and safe, and with no off-gassing and harmful chemicals from paint, glues, carpet, or other materials. Making this urban oasis a wonder of innovation, and a delightful place to call home.

look inside the Net Zero home

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