Pringle Creek Community was founded upon a deep belief in sustainable community principles.  Those principles guide us constantly as we work to build a vibrant, innovative community where living is simplified and woven into the rhythm of nature.  We’ve earned many accolades and awards commending our commitment to building a place where the land and sustainable living are celebrated.
We’re excited to announce the start of a working relationship with a real estate organization that shares very similar and complementary principles to ours – that organization is Living Room Realty (LRR).
 LRR with photo
LRR was also founded upon a belief in the need for sustainable community development and is committed to living and doing business with meaning.   They understand the importance of a vibrant, local economy and believe in supporting local businesses. Their values: diversity, connection, integrity, excellence, joy, balance, and abundance, reflect and echo ours.  Many of their brokers are Energy Trust Allies and Earth Advantage brokers with a deep interest in and passion for healthy, durable, energy efficient homes.  Living Room Realty is joining us to provide real estate services to help sell lots and homes at Pringle Creek.  Their expertise in marketing and selling energy efficient, ‘green’ homes to people who place a high priority on environmental sustainability and a high quality of life will certainly benefit us as we work to complete our community.
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Specifically, our working relationship will be with LRR brokers Nicolette Hanna, Julia Robertson and Gavin Shettler.  Click on their names to learn more about them.  They are all passionate about their work and both of our missions.  Nicolette, Julia, and Gavin are very knowledgeable and a joy to work with.

Nicolette Hanna


Gavin Shettler


Julia Robertson

We’re very excited to work with LRR’s brokers to bring sustainability-minded people to live with us in the beautiful natural setting of Pringle Creek Community.

Find out more about Living Room Realty by visiting their website,