March 25, 2015 | Laura Fosmire

Pringle Creek’s latest LEED-certified home is on the market and nearly move-in ready.

The Statesman Journal previously reported on the house, the first new construction in the Pringle Creek community since 2012, while it was still under construction in January.

Now, the skeleton construction has been fleshed out with bamboo floors, recycled carpet, nickel finishes and energy-efficient appliances. The builders are ready to welcome the public inside to tour the place and attract the attention of any potential buyers.

“It’s still on the market, but now it’s like, OK, we’re ready to sell,” said Shan Stassens, a partner with Winsome Construction. The McMinnville-based company built the house.

Located at 1884 John Muir Circle SE, the home is two stories and 2,035 square feet with four bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms and on the market for $395,000.

Certification hasn’t been officially completed, but the home in on track to achieve platinum LEED status.

For buyers keen on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, there’s a lot to like. A spacious kitchen and living area feature gleaming wooden floors made of sustainably-harvested bamboo. The rest of the home is swathed in carpeting recycled from soda and water bottles. Nearly every light fixture is LED.

“Our energy performance score is 21, before the solar panels,” Stassens said. “We’re trying to get as close to zero as possible.”

The energy performance score system from Energy Trust of Oregon is used to calculate energy efficiency based on a number of factors. Scores can range anywhere from zero to more than 200, with zero being the most efficient.

With just the finishing touches left on the home — as well as finding a new family to move in — Pringle Creek officials are now turning their attention to the number of surrounding lots that are empty.

Based on what they learned building the existing home, officials plan to construct several additional homes by the end of the year. The new houses will follow a similar floorplan with more individualized architectural touches.