June 19, 2015 | Tracy Loew

What’s the difference between natural, organic and non-GMO? What kind of oversight or regulations are behind these different claims?

Food labels can be confusing, so Pringle Creek Community is hosting a free presentation to help consumers make informed choices.

Chris Schreiner, executive director of Oregon Tilth, will help participants understand what the information on food labels means, as well as how food-purchasing decisions affect the local food economy.

Corvallis-based Oregon Tilth is the nation’s third-largest organic certifier, serving about 1,450 growers and processors.

“Farmers will grow what people want to eat,” said Kerry Fox, outreach coordinator for the 32-acre Pringle Creek Community, which focuses on nature and the environment.

“If we want farmers to use sustainable practices, then we need to eat food grown that way,” Fox said. “We can vote with our dollars for food that conserves natural resources and protects public health.”

The presentation will take place from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. June 30 at Pringle Creek Community’s Painters Hall, 3911 Village Center Drive SE in Salem. It is open to the public.