April 14, 2004 | Page One | By Staff

Workers already are on site at Pringle Creek Community, tearing down buildings unfit for renovation. Following the development’s environmentally friendly ethos, the workers will preserve materials salvaged from the buildings and send them to be re-used elsewhere.
For example, wood from the grounds’ maintenance building will be used by Marion County’s juvenile alternative program to build an open-air market, and the concrete foundations of the buildings will be ground down to gravel and will be used to build the development’s road network.

“Recycling wood has become kind of the thing to do right now,” said Ed Cavaille, the program’s supervisor, as kids worked the building with hammers and prybars. “It doesn’t get thrown into a Dumpster or burned or discarded, and older wood’s value and quality is sometimes considerably better than new wood.”

If they succeed in their vision, Salem will succeed as well.