Pringle Creek Community is seeking a part-time Urban Farmer to maintain and expand our urban farming operations and related educational programming in the neighborhood. This includes a large intensive garden with 6,000 square feet of glass Conservatory, as well as 2 acres of organic orchards, blueberries, and community gardens, and additional acreage.

The position’s primary responsibility will be to produce food for Painters Hall CafĂ© and farm stand sales through manual fieldwork, crop cultivation, planning, production, harvesting, and selling of produce. Other duties and responsibilities include: maintaining gardens, orchards, and Conservatory for productivity, yield, beauty, and interest; maintaining and repairing Conservatory and irrigation infrastructure; exploring potential community beekeeping and urban chicken keeping program; engaging volunteers and community partners in farm production activities; providing farm-related educational tours and activities; and assisting neighborhood organic landscape maintenance program.

Required qualifications: gardening or farming experience, preferably 2 years or more in organic or chemical-free agriculture; ability to work independently and as part of a team to achieve goals successfully; knowledge of (or willingness to learn) Conservatory operations, maintenance, repair, and basic carpentry. Preferred qualifications: experience teaching youth in a farm setting; demonstrated interest in issues related to food security and sustainable agriculture; ability to work creatively on a low budget; passion for sustainability and for challenging yet rewarding work in an outdoor setting.
Accepting applications until September 9th, 2011. We may not be able to respond to all candidate applications.