The groundhog had it right, spring has arrived early to the Pringle Creek Community garden, orchard and natural spaces. Everywhere you walk you can see signs of life budding and even blooming.

The wisteria growing on the patio at Painters Hall is waking, dandelions are adding spots of color, the early producing blueberries have open buds and the perennials in the garden are preparing for bloom.

The glasshouse is about a month ahead, with blossoms on the citrus trees and ripening Meyer Lemons ready for use in the Painters Hall Cafe menu.

Many of the overwintering shrubs, grape vines, berry canes, and fruit trees are showing signs of growth and life after spending the winter inside the glasshouses, safe from frost and freezing rain. This winter was lighter then last year with little snow and heavy rain. Here’s hoping that spring is just as favorable.

A surprise over the past month has been watching the potted rosemary plants in the greenhouse bloom. Three different varieties have flowered with lovely white and lavender petals. The edible flowers range from light to mild rosemary flavor and will appear in salads at Painters Hall Cafe.

Life returns in stages: fall planted bulbs begin to appear, winter vegetables begin to grow a little faster and even bolt as sunny afternoons become less rare. Newly planted seeds germinate and make you even more excited for the changing of the seasons.

The official first day of spring is still two weeks away and the birds, bumble bees, and flora are ready!