Our two greenroofs are in full bloom! Here are some photos of the roof of the detached garages (for the five cottage homes on Cousteau Loop). Our other greenroof is located on the pump house for the district ground-source geothermal loop.

Greenroofs have many benefits, for instance:

  • Durability: our roofing membrane is shielded by the soil from degrading effects UV rays, so the roof will outlast shingles and metal three to five times. That saves some money over the life of a building. Our greenroof cost $5 psf to install, including roof membrane, rock, stabilizer bars, soil, plant material, seed and labor, about the same cost as metal.
  • Insulation: eight inches of soil act like a protective, insulating blanket, keeping the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing overall surrounding temperatures as well.
  • Habitat: the diverse plant species provide habitat for birds and pollinators, extending the boundaries of surrounding ecological systems.
  • Stormwater & streams: the roof acts like a giant sponge, absorbing rain as it falls and releasing it slowly drip by drip to the ground. Slowing down stormwater is important for returning water to the aquifer and for reducing stormwater flows on our waterways.
  • Beauty: so much prettier than asphalt shingles!

— santiago