Pringle Creek won an award for its innovative approach to trees, landscaping and homebuilding. It’s the 17th year of awards, presesented by Oregon Community Trees and the Oregon Department of Forestry. James Santana attended the Urban and Community Forestry Conference, held this year at the Oregon Gardens, to receive the award, which was in the “Development” category, one of eight categories overall.

Paul Ries, manager of ODF’s urban forestry program, states on the award webpage, “These recipients are to be commended for their efforts to improve the livability of our cities. Their actions are notable for showing creativity, initiative, and leadership in community tree care programs that all cities can aspire to and achieve.” Pringle Creek is noted for successfully preserving more than eighty percent of the site’s existing trees during development.

The mission of Oregon Community Trees is “to promote healthy urban and community forests through leadership, education, awareness, and advocacy.” Their members include aborists, urban planners, community activists, foresters and nurserymen, who assist community groups, local governments and schools with their expertise and limited resources.