It seems too soon to begin dreaming of a fall and winter garden wonderland but alas, it’s planning time. Margaret, the Painter’s Hall Cafe chef, and myself met to discuss what we would like to see make its way to the cafe menu. This year will be our first fall season using the garden space for more Pringle Creek grown produce. Here are some highlights of our planning session:

Fall Crops Ideas
– Root vegetables (Beets, Turnips, Parsnips)
– Cool season greens (Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach)
– Cooking standards (Carrots, Onions, Celery)

Thinking Ahead For Spring
– Fall planted garlic
– Spring potatoes
– Herbs for the future

We invite you to enjoy watching the upcoming end of summer and the beginning of fall at Pringle Creek Community and the fresh seasonal food that will make its appearance at Painter’s Hall Cafe a few months from now.