At Pringle Creek Community, we are leading innovation. We are the early adopters of what is called green living. One piece to our sustainable development is pervious pavement. How is that beneficial to the environment? It means that our roads allow water from rain and snow to go straight back into the water table rather than getting displaced, picking up pollution along the way, and potentially causing flooding. We know that water is a precious resource, and in Oregon, we’ve got a lot of it during the rainy season.

Pervious Pavement

Maintenance Manager, Paco Sanchez, taking care of the pervious pavement!

Our Maintenance Manager, Paco Sanchez, does a fantastic job at making sure the grounds are managed in the most sustainable way that is healthy for our community. This includes maintaining our porous roads. Along with Pacific Northwest rain also comes moss that essentially can clog the pours to the pavement. Paco gets out there without using harsh chemicals, and carefully removes the moss from the pavement by power washing using our well water, so that way the road maintains its innovative functionality.

Pervious Pavement

Before & After

In addition to the roads, being a sustainable development also means using other green methods for a healthier environment. Our creek is salmon-safe with the Department of Fish and Wildlife coming out here to make sure the logs are positioned just right for salmon to thrive. Also, when you walk down the path and see a blackberry, you can pick it and eat it without the fear of it being sprayed with harsh chemicals. Paco also maintains the health of the creek by making sure that invasive species like blackberries and knot weed aren’t infringing on the flow of the creek. Water is important, and we want to make sure that the wildlife here are flourishing.

If you’re interested in learning about other green technologies first-hand, we also have an event coming up! This Wednesday, January 10th, Jerry Spivey from Better Builders of Oregon will be presenting on ICF (Insulated Concrete Form). Click here for more information, and feel free to contact us with any questions!