At Pringle Creek Community, we are wishing you an Earth Day filled with a spring that sings from the tree tops. Our mission is inspired by nature, community, and innovation to make the pale blue dot even more healthy and beautiful for generations to come. Here’s to another year powered by the sun. 

laws of nature

Remember when you were a child? Remember what it was like to walk (and sometimes stumble) on the grass, stomp in a puddle, or make a mud pie? Were you the child who was notorious for climbing trees barefoot to get a birds eye view of the world below? Were you a kid that would take the jar of lightning bugs, run with it, and let them all back free into the night sky? We want to talk to that inner child now. Nature is all around us, and needs our help. Our survival depends on a healthy Earth. The Laws of Nature are a balancing act, and right now, the scale is tipping. It’s our responsibility to make sure that it tips in the right direction. There are certain laws you absolutely cannot break, and they are ones of science and proof.

On this Earth Day, Pringle Creek Community affirms its support of the Environmental Protection Agency, a Federal Agency that is critical in assuring a balance between development and a sustainable Earth.  When words like “science” are removed from the mission statement of the EPA that means factual evidence may be up for debate, and it is science that has shown us that climate change does exist.

At PCC we acknowledge humanity’s impact on the Earth and have devised strategies and taken actions to make the world a better, sustainable place. PCC is built on a belief in sustainability and the good in humanity. We are building a place to show we can live together better and in harmony with the Earth.

Differences of opinion fuel robust democratic debate, but facts are facts. Our homes are built on those scientific facts. That’s why at Pringle Creek Community we are seeking out innovative and alternative solutions to high impact traditional residential development models. We use renewable resources like sun and geothermal, because we are seeking long-term sustainable solutions, not short-term and short-sighted quick fixes. We use sustainably harvested materials, because we want species to keep living and thriving together.

At PCC, we believe in flourishing springs, not silent ones; creeks and rivers that are bubbling over with the noises of wildlife from the buzzing of bees to the call of a chick-a-dee. We believe that everyone has the right to clean drinking water. We believe in finding alternative energy sources rather than focusing on finite ones. We want a healthy environment for future generations. And we encourage all of you to support a strong EPA and to make changes in your lives that move us to a healthier environment and happier communities.