Nature has a way of making you feel linked to the larger web of life. With the hustle and bustle of the information age, it’s good to remember to just be. At Pringle Creek Community, we offer a community that is strongly connected to nature. That means, when you go outside, the rustle of tree leaves greet your ears and the air (especially now, since it’s spring) carries the fragrance of flowers attracting pollinators. On any day, you can meander down to the creek and observe wildlife emerging. This could be the brilliant red crawdads or a glimmer of fish scales from salmon making their way to spawn. If you happen toward the greenhouses, you may get a chance to see a blue bird fluttering about to feed their young or a blue heron that also is a resident mouser. All of these cues in nature are great reminders to just be.

If you’re feeling the need to shut off the notifications on your phone or perhaps take a cleanse from screen time, then experiencing nature could be the ticket. We have cedar groves that loom overhead with diffused light spilling between their branches. Not only that, but you can get closer to nature through food. With our urban farm that grows organic produce, you could choose to be a part of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), or get word that the apples are ripe for the picking and wander down to the orchards.

Spring is in the air, and we welcome you to come on by for a tour of our community. Our homes are nestled into nature, and what we like to call our urban oasis.