Healthy Homes

Relax in the blossoming orchard.

Our homes are inspired by nature and its healthful benefits. Pringle Creek Community is one of the healthiest communities in the country, with a location in the 2nd healthiest city in the nation, Salem, Oregon. Building with healthful materials, keeping energy efficiency in mind, and providing a shared dedicated green space for residents to thrive are just some of the reasons we champion green living along with an overall healthy lifestyle. Our healthful homes are built with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) that reduce or completely eliminate chemical off-gassing that occurs in run of the mill paint, flooring, and carpeting. Our residents enjoy knowing that their homes are healthy inside and out.

Healthy Homes

Nearly completed homes!

That’s not to mention the innovative technology incorporated into our homes for the upmost energy efficiency. If you’re a tech geek or just love to understand the inner-workings of this green technology, then this is exciting! We have a geothermal loop that uses the consistent temperature of ground water to make our homes heat and cool more efficiently. Next time you look at a hot spring (say, Breitenbush or Bagby), think about geothermal. The hot spring is using water that’s heated from the Earth’s interior for wonderful pools designed to provide a little R&R. In the case of Pringle Creek Community, the ambient temperature of the ground makes it so that our resident’s home heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work so hard. If it’s a super chilly day (remember those snow days?), it’s fine. Our geothermal heat pumps into our homes by starting with the ambient 56 degree temperature in the ground. This makes it so that heating our homes to a comfortable 68 – 72 degrees uses much less energy than if the heat pump was required to raise the temperature of the outside air as in conventional forced air heating. Taking a nod from nature through innovative solar technology is another way of making the world a healthier place as well as save money in the long-run.

healthy homes

Pringle Creek

Along with the flash of innovative technology, we also like to get down in the dirt (ahem, we mean soil). People just know that taking a walk around nature is good for you. There have been many studies that have shown the healthful benefits of being out in nature. From breathing in what the trees, flowers, and soil provide to exercising, meditating, and gardening, there’s plenty to do to feel more rejuvenated. In fact, if you’re thinking about wanting to exercise more, a study actually showed people tend to work out even more when they’re in nature versus being indoors. Take a little walk to the green houses and say, “Hi,” to our Urban Farmer (and Master Gardener), Colleen Owen. If you’re curious about how to grow organic produce, she’s your expert. Walk along the tree-lined paths and wave to Paco Sanchez, our Maintenance Manager, who works hard at making sure the grounds look perfect and sustainably manages the land without using harmful chemicals, even with the most pesky non-native species. Stop on by to chat with Jonathan Schachter, our Director of Development, or Laura DeVito, our Marketing and Communications Specialist, and get to know what it means to live a truly net zero energy lifestyle within our LEED Platinum community center, Painters Hall.

Healthy Homes

Our chickens eat healthy, too!

If living healthy and in a sustainable way is important you, then look no further. We are one of the most healthy communities in the nation. We’d be happy to share with you more about Pringle Creek Community and the healthful benefits of living with nature.

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