At Pringle Creek Community, we get what it means to be an agrihood. We cherish our relationship with growing healthy and tasty produce. The Sustainable Living Center (SLC), a non-profit that operates out of our community, is offering some fabulous workshops on urban farming brought to you by our very own expert Urban Farmer, Colleen Owen. If you’re curious about how to farm in the city, it’s not only possible, it’s darn right fun and delicious. The famous Colleen Owen and Christal Lee are in the Statesman at Holding Court! If you’re interested in taking the Urban Farmers workshops, then go to the SLC’s website to learn more.

Gardening class geared toward green-thumb newbies at Sustainable Living Center

If you’ve ever bemoaned the fact that your living situation hinders your green thumb, worry no more. Colleen Owen and Christal Lee came to Holding Court with a solution.

The Sustainable Living Center is hosting urban farmer classes beginning Saturday, Feb. 3. The eight-class series is held two Saturdays per month through May.

It’s a hands-on class geared toward beginners to intermediate gardeners that will teach the best way to create a thriving organic garden.

“It teaches you to just not be afraid of the process,” said Lee, who took the class three years ago.

One aspect of the class is that students can start growing plants in SLC’s glass house, so you can literally put your knowledge to practice as you go. Then, you can plant them in May when the series ends.

Fees are $130 for individual adults, $180 for couples and $140 for a parent and child age 9-17. All materials are provided, and students receive a binder that allows them to keep a garden journal throughout the class.

The series is limited to 30 students, and Owen told us the class is about a third full.

A full rundown of information about the class can be found at