The gardens and orchards are full of life now that summer has arrived. All of the vegetable starts were started in the greenhouse from seed and have been moved outside to the main garden. The harvest of these plants will be turned into delicious menu items at Painter’s Hall cafe.

Swiss chard, summer squash, carrots, tomatoes and basil growing in the greenhouse and garden space.

We are growing 2 types of artichokes, Green Globe and Imperial Star. Unfortunately the gophers enjoy them also.

The trees in the orchards are covered in developing fruit. The cherry trees have finished for the year but the rest of the trees will be producing into the fall season.

Plums, pears, apples, and peach trees produce fruit for Pringle Creek Community residents and Painter’s Hall cafe.

The lavender is in full bloom and the honeybees from our hives along with the native bumblebees are frequent visitors. More flowers and spearmint brighten the garden space.
Flowers in the Pringle Creek Community garden.
The upcoming months will be filled with ripening fruit and growing vegetables. Stop by to enjoy the sights and tastes from the Pringle Creek Community gardens and orchard.