Are you dripping with finesse thanks to Bruno Mars and Cardi B? Do you all the sudden realize the 90’s are coming back, and you don’t know where to hide or are you ready for a My So Called Life reunion? It’s cool, we understand your inner conflict about whether to wear that vertical striped hoodie or if you should start wearing a mood ring that tells your state of mind much better than that insta aura booth you can never seem to reserve in time. Let’s back up a minute, to finesse.


This could be your home.

Our community sparkles with the savvy of seamless finesse. We call it innovation, which is responsible for the sophisticated green building and healthy living to create our urban oasis. We get our inspiration from nature, who also has a way of doing things almost effortlessly while being extremely energy efficient. With solar-ready homes, a geothermal loop, and using healthy materials like 100% recycled ICF or sustainably harvested timber, we get what it means to successfully combine all the systems into one brilliant home. This could be your home.


We have some very fashionable chickens, too (furry boots and all). Photo Credit: CS Monitor


As an agrihood, we also have a strong connection with nature with respect to produce and goods. Residents have the opportunity to garden in some epic historic glass houses (absolutely beautiful, and almost cathedral like…), taste fresh organic honey and eggs that are just a short dash from home. All this, and residents receive some key knowledge from our expert Urban Farmer. If finesse, innovation, and connection are what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Stop on by for a tour, and we’ll show what living in an urban oasis looks like.