Fall has arrived at Pringle Creek. The trees along the streets have begun their slow change from green to red, and are falling to the ground. You can tell which side of the trees get the most sun as the trees change in patches. It won’t be long before more leaves will be found on the roads and sidewalks than in the branches.

Mornings have been cooler and damp the past few weeks causing some plants to begin finishing up for the year. We harvested the last of the Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash as the foliage began to die off for the season. A few squash are being cured in the root cellar to save for harvest decorations this November.

We planted short season sweet corn between the greenhouses and the first planting produced a good number of ears for harvesting. Painters Hall Cafe has incorporated some of the squash and corn into menu items like the summer vegetable panini and seasonal soup. Watch the cafe menu for more fall garden and orchard harvested additions!

Summer crops in the greenhouse are phasing out as well. New cooler weather crops such as beets, broccoli, leeks, and greens are sprouting. The last of the basil will soon be picked, the peppers potted up and over wintered, and tomatoes can finish ripening with the last of our falls sun.

The orchard has finished for the year with fruit tree leaves beginning to change color and fall. All but a few remaining apples have been picked and stored away. It was a wonderful year for the garden and orchard.

Happy Fall Everyone!