At Pringle Creek Community, there are many options for how to design your custom home. This freedom allows for you to have a den, shop, or flex space rather than a spare bedroom. Some of our residents ┬áhave fun with this idea and make spaces more tailored to their lifestyle. If you do mobile work, why not design a space that caters to your work flow? If you love carpentry, why not have an area solely dedicated to that practice? Same goes for a place to relax with friends for a poker night (or Apples to Apples night…). Having a bonus space incorporated into your home plans is just the beginning of how we utilize space in our community.

bonus space

Flex room in nearly completed home.


Moving to the outdoor spaces past resident homes is breathtaking nature, let’s call it the outdoor bonus space. We have orchards with organic fruit ripening, cedar groves that reach up to the sky, you may even see a Blue Heron or Wild Turkey roaming the grounds. Not to mention the nice and cool creek flowing throughout our development that provides a whole other type of ecosystem to aquatic creatures and also to dogs who want to take a dip (and sometimes their owners like to put their toes in, too). The dedicated green space also continues into the greenhouses, where you can see tomatoes that grow up to the ceiling and chickens that may give you friendly “bock” hello, and our urban farm kitty who roams the grounds and doesn’t mind a friendly pat on the head while he basks in the sun.

bonus space

Cedar grove reaching up into the sky.

Whether it be indoor or outdoor bonus space, Pringle Creek Community gives you the unique ability to build a custom home to suit your lifestyle or purchase an already built home that has been especially made as a perfect puzzle piece that fits into the sustainable tapestry we call our community. Come visit and see what living sustainable looks like and what bonuses we have to offer.

bonus space

Bonus Space Pinterest Ideas – Click on Image to see more!

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