LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party rating group that ensures homes, community buildings and businesses are energy efficient, built with materials that use resources wisely (recycled, reused, sustainably managed), are healthy (reduce or avoid toxic chemicals) and built-in a manner that preserves the environment and reduces waste.

All PCC homes are certified LEED silver, gold or platinum, ensuring they are built to the highest level of green-building standards resulting in a comfortable, healthy home. Bottom line – a healthy home that is inexpensive to operate and maintain.


  • Painters Hall, the community building, café and events venue, is solar powered and a Net Zero energy building, producing more energy than it uses over the course of a year
  • Our Net Zero neighborhood, with a south facing slope, is designed for homes with solar arrays capable of producing 100% of their energy needs on a net annual basis
  • Check out the real-time solar power generation at Painters Hall, the community center at Pringle Creek Community.


Our community center, Painters Hall, is also connected to the geothermal loop, keeping the center at a comfortable temperature all year-round – sustainably and ecologically! Some of the extra energy generated by Painters Hall’s 20.2kW rooftop solar array is used to power the geothermal system pump. How is that for efficiency!?

Green Streets

Our “green street” system allows 90% of the rainwater to filtrate through the streets and into the soil, recharging the aquifer. The narrower than usual streets use less material, provide more space for natural vegetation, and slow auto traffic.

This photo shows the border between our pervious paving and the regular asphalt at our community entrance during a typical Oregon winter rain day. Check out a case study on this innovative paving solution. 

Living Roof 

A living roof is a roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. It acts as a giant sponge, absorbing storm water and releasing it slowly over time. The plants and soil help insulate the building from extreme temperatures in winter and summer, and provide habitat for pollinators and insects.

Two of our buildings have beautiful living roofs modeling all of the benefits of this innovation.

On Demand Water Heaters

High efficiency on-demand, or tank-less, water heaters save fuel, cost less to operate and never run out of hot water!


Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater is collected for later use both for irrigation and in Painters Hall, our community center, rainwater is used to flush the toilets.


Walkable And Bikeable Neighborhoods.

A network of trails and pathways connect open spaces and parks throughout the neighborhood. They also connect with adjoining neighborhoods. Walking or biking through beautiful, inspiring places is important for our physical and emotional well-being. 


Over 200 tons of concrete and 100 tons of wood and steel were recycled through environmental stewardship efforts
Heavy equipment and construction vehicles ran on bio-diesel
Preserved historic buildings, reused bridge, recycled concrete slabs
Pervious pavement extends 9,000 linear feet and includes bioswales and natural verge



More than 80% of existing trees were preserved during development of the infrastructure
The creek is Salmon Safe and adjoining wetlands are being protected and enhanced

For those who want to know more about some of Pringle Creek Community’s innovative features we’ve gathered some helpful links. These links will take you away from Pringle Creek Community’s website so be sure and bookmark us!


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Pervious Paving
9,000 linear feet, is pervious pavement with bioswales and natural verge
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Living Building Challenge


Learn how innovation impacts the community from the streets to the homes.


Learn how innovation impacts the community from the streets to the homes.


Homes at Pringle Creek are unique, healthy, and green.  Find a home in Oregon’s LEED certified homes.