Oregon Environmental Council, the state’s oldest environmental organization, has an article in their most recent “One Oregon, One Environment” newsletter. The article, titled “Depaving Paradise,” is on page seven and features the following photo and caption:

Pringle Creek Community in Salem has one of the largest installations of pervious asphalt in the country. The green streets are narrower than conventional streets, using less materials to build and calming traffic. They have no curbs, which reduces construction costs and allows vegetated swales to capture, absorb and clean stormwater runoff.

The article does a good job explaining water quality issues. Water quality and conservation are key aspects of the Pringle Creek Community plan, along with renewable energy, beautiful, durable and energy-efficient homes, community gardens and commitment to local foods, and having a diversity of ages, lifestyles and incomes for our residents while fostering a sense of community.

Go to the Oregon Environmental Council website and consider joining, donating, volunteering for this organization that is a major player in advocating policy in the Oregon Legislature. OEC’s strategic plan is:

  • Protect kids’ health from toxic pollution
  • Improve stewardship of Oregon’s rivers
  • Slow global warming
  • Build a sustainable economy
  • Create a sustainable food and farm system
  • Strengthen support for effective environmental policy in the Oregon Legislature