Interconnectivity is a part of what makes Pringle Creek Community thrive. We have open channels to the greater Salem community through walking paths and the flowing creek brimming with wildlife. When walking around downtown, you may see Pringle Creek winding throughout the city. It’s a good reminder that we’re all connected. Salem is becoming increasingly interconnected with plans for an innovative bridge to be completed in late summer, with it being open to the public by late spring! There are also plans for the Peter Courtney Minto Island Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge to have soft trails and native vegetation restoration nearby. It will connect the downtown Salem to Minto Island, creating pedestrian and bicycle trails that span over 20 miles and join three major parks. 

Peter Courtney Minto Island

Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge Update

CITY OF SALEM-WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2017 | View original source here.

The Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge is on track to be open for public access in April. This, despite a project timeline setback early on due to delayed delivery of the large supporting arches. The bridge structure, including deck panels, rib arches and other infrastructure is now self-supporting. Still to be completed are the bridge deck surface, structure tensioning, and removal of the temporary work bridge. A Grand Opening celebration will occur in August once all work at Riverfront Park is completed and the temporary work bridge is removed.

The bridge design is very unique and complex. Therefore, the remaining activities must be completed in sequence and are weather-dependent.

Remaining activities include:

  1. There are two final bridge deck concrete pours remaining. Each requires 14 days afterward to properly cure before the next step in tensioning the bridge deck can happen.
  2. Once the concrete bridge deck is completed, the temporary towers, forms, and work bridge must be removed. This will begin on June 1 due to permitting requirements. The City is currently working with the permitting agencies to determine if a portion of the temporary structure can be removed prior to June 1 to minimize the amount of removal work this summer.
  3. Once the temporary structures are removed, the contractor will begin the remaining work at Riverfront Park building the concrete walls, sidewalks, landscaping, and irrigation. This work cannot begin until after the temporary structure is removed.

The new bridge and south end of Riverfront Park will be closed temporarily during the removal of the temporary bridge. A Grand Opening celebration will be held  in August once work is completed. The City appreciates the public’s patience as the bridge takes shape and nears completion. Once finished, the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge will be an iconic and beautiful addition to the City of Salem skyline.