The Statesman Journal had a fine article the other day (and then reprinted in a special “South Salem” section) about Pringle Creek’s remodeled Painter’s Hall: Salem site closes in on platinum designation.

Its walls are so thick, its ceiling so insulated and its heating so efficient that nary a wisp of energy will leave the building.

The so-called Painter’s Hall is so “green” that it is on track to get the highest green-building rating by the U.S. Green Building Council: platinum.

It will be the first platinum commercial building in Salem, one of 11 in Oregon and one of 52 along the West Coast.

Click here to see a Statesman Journal photo gallery of green buildings in the Salem area. Pringle Creek Community is featured in photo #14 (Wilsons’ house), #22 through #28 (Painter’s Hall), and #39 and #40 (the new houses).