If you want to see an extensive listing of new urbanist developments, check out TND Town Paper’s neighborhoods page. From the site: “the acronym TND stands for Traditional Neighborhood Development, a comprehensive planning system that includes a variety of housing types and land uses . . . educational facilities, civic buildings and commercial establishments to be located within walking distance of private homes.”

As you can see, the TND definition describes walkability, but it doesn’t put it in the context of saving energy, reducing ennvironmental impact, sustainability. The new urbanist movement and the green communities movement have much in common.
Both attempt to get us away from the suburban sprawl model of development. The new urbanist movement began with an emphasis on quality of living.

This Green Eco Neighborhoods’ listing is more focused on the environmental aspect. It has only a fraction of the number of developments. Probably most of these eco developments are, like Pringle Creek Community, on both lists.