This article, “Keeping it ‘Green’ with Panels and More” is a New York Times primer on what it means to build a green home. Note the range of choices and tools to build your home with stewardship of the environment in mind. Make sure you get to page 2 of the article, where it mentions that certification by Earth Advantage is a more stringent measurement than the LEED program. Pringle Creek homes will exceed the Earth Advantage standards.

Page 2 also talks about an award-winning home designed by PCC architect Nathan Good. That home is featured in the page 1 photo, reproduced above.

Entire neighborhoods designed as green, he [Nathan Good] said, can offer community benefits like streets with permeable pavement that allows rainwater to seep directly into the ground and reduce the impact on municipal storm sewers.

That sounds kinda like . . . Hey! That’s us!

We’re presuming Mr. Good told the reporter about PCC, spelled out the name, provided our website url. Darn reporter left it out.

Anyway, the article does not touch on elements of design that also serve the sense of community, perhaps as important as ecological construction.