Our Pringle Creek Cottage won an award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA).
AIA Seattle’s contest, called “What Makes It Green,” judged 60 submissions from all over the northwest and pacific regions–entries from from Montana to Hong Kong. About the Cottage Home the jury said:

This project has it all. The individual strengths of the project (small footprint, cistern) and the use of green infrastructure on a community level makes this an exemplary exercise in sustainable development.

Click here for the 34-page online magazine (pdf). The “Top Ten Regional Green Awards” article is on page 25, the Pringle Creek item is on page 29.

About the contest: “In an age where green is on everyone’s mind, finding answers to the question “what makes it green?” has moved beyond a simple introduction of green building practice to become an insistent drive for excellence. . .
Jury members began looking beyond certification metrics to focus on how regenerative the project was in its entirety, environmentally and for communities. Questions included: How does the project use a variety of innovative yet replicable strategies to reduce energy consumption and its carbon footprint, to generate its own power or move towards zero energy consumption and climate health? Do we hold all projects to the same standard or should they be considered in context of local precedents? Which projects provide opportunities for continual learning, both for the users and for the larger design, planning and engineering community? What do they or will they provide in terms of “collective wisdom?”

Here are the ten winners, in alphabetical order:

Bertschi School, Seattle WA
Center for Urban Waters, Tacoma WA
Corvallis CoHousing, Corvallis OR
Home on the Range, Billings MT
Kitsap SEED, Bremerton WA
Lake Sammamish Park, Issaquah WA
Mosler Lofts, Seattle WA
Portland City Storage, Portland OR
Pringle Creek, Salem OR
Staley-Vidas Residence, Bend OR