We recently joined the Renew Oregon coalition!  

Renew Or

Renew Oregon is a new coalition with a mission to create “A clean energy future for Oregon: An Oregon with good-paying jobs, clean air and water and healthy communities. A prosperous Oregon protected for future generations. We (Renew Oregon) are working to transition away from dirty, polluting energy to a clean, energy-efficient economy.”

Pringle Creek Community is happy to participate with other businesses, organizations, faith and educational groups, healthcare professionals, farmers, parents, entrepreneurs, and individuals to create a healthy, prosperous Oregon.

After all, Pringle Creek Community set the standard for how to live and thrive using clean solar and geothermal energy. Our community center, Painters Hall, is a great example of how comfort, clean energy, and beauty combine in a building that functions efficiently without any negative impact to the air, water, or soil.  The entire property is a model of sustainable development; the streets are all perviously paved so that 90% of the rainwater that falls seeps back into the aquifer instead of getting diverted into a storm drain; we’ve restored Pringle Creek, the creek that runs through our property, making it Salmon Safe certified – restoring it to be a safe and healthy habitat for salmon; all of the buildings are built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards ensuring energy efficiency and low impact on the environment through the use of sustainably harvested and re-usable materials and attention to waste, recycling, and erosion. It makes perfect sense for us to collaborate with others pursuing a healthy, clean energy vision for the rest of the state.

party on PH deck iconic

Fall view of PH and glasshouses from afar









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You can join, too!  Go to Renew Oregon and take the pledge, joining many others in committing to a clean energy future.

Visit us to see how beautiful living lightly on the land with clean alternative energy looks and feels.

Come to 3911 Village Center Dr SE, Salem, Or  97302

Call us at 503-315-1055