Wow – those goats can eat, and eat, and eat…! They’ve done a magnificent job of chowing down on the Himalayan blackberry, English ivy and, yes, the Japanese knotweed, too! Yay!

Rachel and Bill McCollum have been very busy working to keep one-step ahead of the goats’ appetites putting up new stretches of fencing so that they can continually move the goats along as they eat – and to prevent them from munching on the trees!

Here’s a short video of the goats moving from one area to the next: goats moving to bridge

They also set up a small ‘petting zoo’ for a few hours yesterday to allow visitors a chance to get up-close with the goats. Fun was had by many visitors.
Harper & goat 2Rosalie & goat

We’re so grateful for the City of Salem’s amended ordinance (thanks to a little push from us) allowing temporary use of goats for this purpose. Thanks, Salem!

The goats’ last day at Pringle Creek Community is likely this Saturday, March 21. ┬áMuch thanks to Yoder Goat Rental for their wonderful, solid work!