At Pringle Creek Community, we benefit immensely from harnessing the sun’s power.  Our community center, Painters Hall, has a 220 Kwh (kilo watt hour) solar array on the roof.  It is the source of power for the community center – AND our geothermal system pump as well as our street lights.  Pretty impressive, right?

painters PV

See our PV dashboard to witness our solar power generation in real-time.

As you could see by looking at the PV dashboard, the sun provides us a LOT of energy, saving us an incredible amount of money.  We are actually credited most months due to a generation of excess power.  Painters Hall is a Net Zero building (the first commercial Net Zero building in the country!), meaning it creates as much energy as it needs to function.  It is actually beyond Net Zero since it makes MORE energy than it needs to power the building, geothermal system pump, and street lights.

You could also power your home with solar power here at Pringle Creek Community. Our latest home, located in our Net Zero Loop, models this efficiency. It is designed so that a family of five living in the house will use the sun’s energy to power their residential energy needs.  The home is called ‘Net Zero’ since the solar installation provides as much power as is needed for the home to function.

You really should experience it – come out and visit us if you can!