Our latest build, the Net Zero house in John Muir Circle, is now truly a Net Zero home!  SolarCity technicians installed 24 solar panels that will create an estimated 6,165 kwH of power annually.  This is enough energy to offset 234,643 pounds of CO2 over 20 years, equivalent to driving a car 254,010 miles or saving 47,046 gallons of water that would be used to generate electricity.

To live in this home is certainly to live lightly!  Each time you turn on the lights, the television, or use the refrigerator, you’ll have the sun an your solar panels to thank, knowing that your daily living is in harmony with the earth.  That is a key aspect of the quality of life at Pringle Creek Community!

Here are a few pictures of the install and the final product:net zero solar getting ready


net zero panels going on 1

Net zero tech2
net zero solar cityNet Zero Solar sideview

Net Zero solar front