Here at Pringle Creek Community, we’re all about living energy efficiently, sustainable, and Green.  Our community has many options for people who share our passion for living harmoniously with the environment. Surprisingly, (or not) the best, most effective strategy to living green is to live using a smaller footprint by living in a small home.  Living in a small home is one of the many possibilities at Pringle Creek Community.


The interest in down-sizing and living with less is definitely sweeping the country.  People of all ages see the benefit of living in less space as evidenced in articles in real estate and home guides directed toward empty-nesters and first time home buyers.  People in these diverse groups do, of course, have different reasons for deciding to live in a small house, but there are a number of common priorities and benefits.  Highest on the list is affordability.  Less land of course equates to less cost.  Another common benefit is less maintenance.  Time savings, saving time each day to use in an enjoyable way, is an interesting benefit of a small home.  When you have less to maintain, you miraculously have more time for yourself and other people in your life.  Lori Rochino, for the Huffington Post, eloquently expresses seven advantages to living in a small home: lower mortgage, lower maintenance costs, less hoarding, less clutter, more green, more manageable renovations, and smarter spaces.

Pringle Creek Community has a number of lots set aside for small homes, homes of about 800 square feet with two bedrooms, one bath, and an attached garage.  We also have a LOT of open space to enjoy as you live in your small home: community gardens, orchards, and many trails & pocket parks.

Here is a fun article about a group of life-long friends who decided to create a neighborhood of “Besties” living in tiny homes together in “Bestie Row”.  Enjoy!