Recognition for a job well done is always appreciated!

Recently, an architect specializing in LEED commercial buildings from Prairie Architects, Inc, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, visited us. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an international third-party rating system that recognizes best-in-class building practices focused on protecting human health and the environment. All of our buildings at Pringle Creek Community are LEED certified at the gold and platinum levels.

Fall view of PH and glasshouses from afar

Pringle Creek Community as seen from the entrance.

Painters & Village Center cropped

View of Painters Hall from the Village Green


Our visitor read about Painters Hall, our LEED platinum, net zero energy, community center online. While visiting relatives in Salem, he insisted they take the opportunity to visit us and see our community for themselves.

We gladly showed them all around, explaining the history and evolution of Pringle Creek Community (we love to share this wonderful place with everyone!). It was a real pleasure to see their delight as they took in the natural landscape and all the features that make Pringle Creek Community an unsurpassed eco-conscious development for building a home. Once they’d gone, we were pleased to receive a very warm and thoughtful email thanking us for the tour and the level of quality and commitment that they witnessed.

We’re thankful to our visitor for the appreciation and willingness to let us share some of his words:

“I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time yesterday to walk us through your community! It is so refreshing to see such a holistic and deep commitment to a long-term sustainable vision. So often sustainable ideas get watered down by short-term profit or limited commitment, but Pringle Creek fully demonstrates the full potential for sustainable living – and awaits the participants to catch up to the vision. Pass along my sincere congratulations to the owners for their foresightedness and commitment to a sustainable planet.

I spent some time this morning reading the Community Walking Tour sheet and other information available yesterday and found it very inspiring! I love the layout with Painter’s Hall as the centrepiece and the large village green opposite with the key original trees. The existing buildings add such depth and character and you have developed such a sensitive infrastructure with a key diversity of housing types and lot sizes.”

shared space between homes

Some residences at Pringle Creek Community


Tent on Village Green4

A party tent ready for an outdoor event on the Village Green.

We are grateful when others, especially an architect focused on LEED design and building, take the time to express appreciation for quality work. Pringle Creek Community is committed to our long-term sustainable vision. We await your participation!