NetZero b4 sidingOur Net Zero home is ready for siding!  Our contractor, Winsome Construction, is making great progress on this lovely family home that will be powered by the sun.  Statesman-Journal (Biz section, page B1 on January 8, 2015) had a nice write up about Winsome and green, sustainable building practices.

Inside, drywall is up and taped.  Texture and paint are next and cabinets are next week.  This home is packed with innovative, energy saving materials and finishes, and best of all, will have lots of solar panels on the main roof and porch.  Our target is to produce as much energy from the sun as the residents of this home will use over the course of a year, hence Net Zero.

Wendy with Bella Casa Real Estate Group can tell you all about the house.  Give her a call at 503-560-5189