Honey extraction happened today.  It really is a simple, but fascinating, process to witness.  Our bees were very busy this season!

Bill Wylie, Colleen’s beekeeping mentor from the Willamette Valley Beekeepers Association, provided the use of his equipment and helped in the honey extraction.  Thanks, Bill!  Colleen, our Urban Farmer, all around gardener and beekeeper, used a heated knife to cut the cap off of the combs prior to putting the frames in the extractor.

honey equipment Honey Colleen cutting honey bill explains Honey Bill & extractor

Once Colleen cut the caps off of the comb, Bill placed them into the spinner to extract the honey.  Below is a short video.  In this video, you’ll see Bill Wylie running the spinner.  There are four frames in the spinner, and they’re spun after the caps are cut off of the comb. You’ll also see Colleen cut off the cap of some funny-shaped comb.  Enjoy!

Honey extraction video