At Pringle Creek Community, we are in one of the only areas in Salem that has the capability of building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). An ADU is usually smaller than your primary home, and is commonly called a mother-in-law home. ADUs also are thought of as a Tiny Homes. Tiny Homes are usually 500 square feet or less. Although ADUs are smaller than traditional home, they can be well-designed to match your lifestyle. Let’s explore your home sweet ADU.

Home Sweet ADU

Photo Credit: House Beautiful, Photography by STUDIOBUELL PHOTOGRAPHY

There are so many ways to approach building an ADU, with lots of customization choices.  We offer a variety of Pringle Creek home concepts to choose from to help get you started. It’s key with smaller or tinier homes to remember less is more, except for windows and porches. Windows will allow for there to be more openness within a smaller space, and porches or patios serve as an extension of the home. Picture yourself eating dinner on a wrap around patio with a nice path that leads from your home to grandma’s house. Maybe you take the party to grandma’s place and enjoy a glass of wine on her little porch to finish the evening. Whether you want a Tiny Home with a loft, or perhaps a smaller home next to the main house to welcome in relatives and friends, an ADU gives flexibility to your specific type of living situation.

Home Sweet ADU

Photo Credit: Tiny Homes Living

If you’re looking to live with extended family, this is a great option to feel like you’re connected, but also have some independence. Enjoy all the possibilities and contact us to begin envisioning your place with an ADU.

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