To live in a home that is thoughtfully designed and in tune with its surroundings is an ideal. Who isn’t keenly interested in living comfortably and efficiently, in an energy efficient, comfortable, pleasant home?  At Pringle Creek Community,  the house designs accentuate place, light, orientation, and incorporate the passive movement of air making homes here very comfortable, energy efficient, and a pleasant place to live.


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The plans created for homes at Pringle Creek Community were designed by architects at Opsis Architecture in Portland, Oregon.  The Opsis team assessed the entire property, from the topography, to local natural resources, to sun angles and local weather patterns before considering any specific home design.  Afterward, the whole multi-use community was envisioned and lastly specific commercial and residential buildings were drafted.

Architectural suggestions of those who specialize in energy efficient building are included in the designs at Pringle Creek Community.  As you search around the internet for ideas and considerations about how to build or what to look for in an energy efficient home, many if not all of those considerations are found in house floor plans at Pringle Creek Community.  The designs take into account the atmosphere and environment where they’re built.  They’re created with all around economy in mind- economy of comfort as well as of the pocketbook.