Ever heard of Nature Deficit Disorder?  If you spend all of your time in an urban setting, rarely getting into the woods or an oak savannah for a walk or hike, and experience regular bouts of anxiety or depression, than you may be experiencing it.  Nature Deficit Disorder is a condition that more and more people appreciate and more and more scientists are recognizing as a serious result of our increasingly urbanized societies – especially concerning is the well-being of children.

Science is currently giving greater attention to the ramifications of our increasingly technological world on our personal well-being. They are repeatedly finding that there is a direct relationship between continued and extended periods of time spent in an urbanized setting and incidences of poor mental health (depression, violence, anxiety, and other mood disorders).  Studies have examined the areas of the brain related to our stress centers and our respiration rates and found that people who walk for the same amount of time in a natural setting vs. in a highly urbanized setting show decreased stress.  This may seem unsurprising, but when you consider the large increase in our society’s incidences of depression and need for therapy, you can appreciate the fact that nature automatically provides respite and offers a pathway to greater health – just by being available to all of us.

John Muir Circle-38Pringle Creek Community rests within natural areas, offering our residents the opportunity to reflect and access those quiet, recharging parts of ourselves just by walking on our walking paths, spending quiet time alongside Pringle Creek listening to the water, or watching the birds and other wildlife that live in our community.  We have 12 acres of open green space to enjoy that includes an edible landscape and gardens. We host a walking groups each Tuesday evening at 5:30, affiliated with Just Walk Salem, inviting anyone interested to join in and experience  Nature.

Salem is very near to many other beautiful, natural settings, too!  Within an hour’s drive or so,  you have access to hundreds of places to hike, bike, explore, fish, or simply sit.  Be good to yourself – come to Pringle Creek Community.

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