Man!  It is super windy around here these days with the weather shifting from fall into winter.  Although I hear the wind whipping around outside, giving me thoughts of chilly, cold experiences, I am really comfortable here in the office at Painters Hall.  The level of coziness continues to surprise me; I grew up in Minnesota and recall very well cold winter evenings hanging out by the fireplace.  Our house was warm, but I remember my Dad reminding us to quickly close the doors to keep the heat in; I even recall seeing frost on the inside of the windows when it was really cold outside. I can’t imagine the high bills we likely had!  Happily for me now, Oregon doesn’t get nearly as cold or hot as Minnesota did, but even so, Salem is at the same latitude as my hometown and has four robust seasons – so the weather can get quite chilly – as it has this week.  Fortunately, Pringle Creek Community’s LEED certified homes and buildings are super snug as well as efficient, saving energy and money – even creating energy – and you’ll NEVER see frost on the inside of any window here!

aaron good

Community Gathering in Painters Hall

John Muir Circle-7

Interior of our Net Zero home

Every aspect of Pringle Creek Community (PCC) was intentionally designed to simultaneously ensure environmental integrity and high quality living.  All buildings at PCC are LEED certified – that means that the buildings have met or exceeded environmental standards for energy efficiency and use of renewable  and environmentally safe materials.   A LEED certified home or building is much higher-performing and healthier than any conventionally-built home.  High performance comes from extra insulation, energy efficient windows, high efficiency heating and cooling systems, and tankless or solar water heaters. For example, our houses have super insulation that provides outstanding thermal performance.  The super insulation helps the house to remain cool in the summer even without running the air conditioning.

Residents at PCC love their cozy homes and appreciate the low operating costs that come from high energy efficiency.  One resident reported that her heating energy cost averages about $55/month, and another told me that during this past summer, with those stretches of hot days that we had, their cooling never cost more than $25/month!  Now, THAT is efficient!

Living consciously with energy efficiency here at Pringle Creek Community is really comfortable while also protective of the natural environment; you are warm in the winter time and cool in the summer through the use of energy created by the sun’s power.  There is substantially less reliance upon fossil fuels and the quality of the home’s insulation and overall build easily keep your home at the desired temperature.  It isn’t necessary to have to sacrifice comfort to live well here.  To the contrary, since living in an energy efficient home also benefits the environment and your pocketbook,  living efficiently IS living very well.

Visit us and experience it for yourself!

(For more information about the technicalities of construction at Pringle Creek Community, check out our Innovation page on the website.)