At Pringle Creek Community all of our lots are build-ready. This eliminates any concern about extra hidden costs associated with digging, extending services, or extra fees. Our unbuilt lots all include municipal and communication/subscription utilities: water, sewer, gas, electricity, telephone, and cable. All utilities are ‘stubbed’ to the lots. The hardest thing is deciding where, exactly, to build your new home.

Garden lot

Lot #71 looking toward the glasshouses and community gardens

Half of our lots also have access to our community geothermal system which utilizes the earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool the house through a water furnace.

glasshouse view lot

Lot #84, looking toward the glasshouses and community center

Another bonus – everyone who lives at Pringle Creek Community has easy access to our extensive green spaces: pocket parks, village green, orchards, groves, creekside spaces, berry patches, and garden spaces.

Check out our lot map to see where you’d like to build