Pringle Creek Community is a cutting edge sustainable community development in Salem, Oregon, an innovative community with a LOT of wonderful and interesting features.  Below are a few aspects of our community development that you may not be aware of.  Read on!

We have an edible landscape!  Fruit trees and berries are abundant and available to our residents.  Pringle Creek Community residents enjoy sharing the delicious fruit that grows in our shared green spaces.  When the cherries, peaches, pears, apples or berries are ripe, we notify our residents so that they can harvest fresh fruit for eating, pie or jam making, or preserving.  Delicious!

plum1 bounty 2014 fruit basket 2015







We have the largest installation of pervious paving in a residential development in the country.  All of our streets are paved to allow rain and storm water to seep down into the ground, filtering the water, re-charging our aquifer, and eliminating erosion or flooding.  When the water seeps into the ground through the streets, it doesn’t gather together in a stream and run off quickly in a fashion that leads to flooding and increased erosion.

We are the ONLY residential development in Salem the features LEED certified, energy efficient homes. All of our buildings – our commercial buildings and homes – must meet Earth Advantage’s LEED Gold or Platinum standards.  This ensures that all aspects of the home – it’s construction, materials, finishes – protect and conserve the natural environment and the use of the home is energy efficient, saving the home owner money over the life of the home.  The houses are also very comfortable, healthy, and filled with natural light.

Winsome Construction_Home_Pringle Creek_John Muir Circle_Exterior shared space between homes








We’re the FIRST Certified B Corp in Salem, Or.  A Certified B Corporation is a business that is assessed every two years through B Lab, a third party certifier that ensures that the B Corp business remains committed to being the best FOR the world as well as striving to be the best IN the world.  Read more in our recent blog post about our certification here.

b corp b

We’ve been certified as an Earth-Wise business since 2010.  This is a program in Marion County that  recognizes businesses in Marion County that have made a commitment to environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, waste reduction, water conservation, and community outreach & education. We’ve earned many, many other awards for our innovative work over the years.

EarthWise Award

All right – a 6th thing (among many cool features) you may not know about Pringle Creek Community – We have living, green roofs!  As part of our innovative practices and our deep commitment to the environment, we installed a couple of living roofs as models and examples of how the roof of a building can enhance the surrounding environment by providing space and habitat for local pollinators and other insects.  A living roof also increases the insulation for the building which saves energy.  The following pictures were taken from atop a living roof on one of our garages.  Beautiful, isn’t it!


Poppies & living roof view orchid living roof view