Innovation is found in the very seams of the buildings being made at Pringle Creek Community. The beauty of energy efficient homes is that they are healthier and save you money in the long run. Our guiding principles are nature, innovation, and community. These three principles guide our way when making design decisions on what materials to use when building a home,  sustainably managing the land, and cultivating community. We’ve been at the forefront of sustainable practices, and other communities and builders have begun to come out of the woodwork, because deciding to live in an urban oasis is an easy decision to make.

beauty of energy efficient homes1884 John Muir Circle
New Reduced Price + up to $3,000 at closing by August 31, 2016
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We’re right in the heart of the Willamette Valley, a place that’s close to the coast, beautiful vineyards, cascading waterfalls, and much more. The Net Zero Home is being offered for a limited time at $369,900 and with up to $3,000 credit for closing costs. Come see a home and community that is leading the way for living green.

beauty of energy efficient homes

We are Salem’s best kept secret for sustainability. All the homes at Pringle Creek Community are LEED certified along with having the first LEED certified commercial building in the nation. We’ve got some neighbors in the Pacific Northwest who also believe whole-heartedly in making quality green homes that save you money. Other projects in the Pacific Northwest have emerged with us. Blossoming projects like one by Green Hammer in Portland, is famous for their pocket neighborhood called, Ankeny Row. Composed of five two-story townhouses that are light-filled and energy efficient, and “Net Zero Energy Ready.” At Pringle Creek Community, we also have a beautiful townhouse design that we call a “Row House,” which features attached two-story homes ranging from 1,200-1,400 square feet. We have many designs to choose from, and we also encourage new home ideas with builders who demonstrate LEED certified expertise.

beauty of energy efficient homes

Ashland, Oregon, is also riding the wave of green building. Jovick Construction Inc., is leading the way with building homes like the Kepler Residence, which is LEED-H Platinum for many reasons like kiln dried lumber to solar. Our Net Zero Home at Pringle Creek Community has many features that save you money and are better for the environment, too! Some of these features include sustainably harvested wood and renewable energy systems. How would you like your home to not only have gorgeous interiors, but also be extremely energy efficient to the point of not thinking about energy bills anymore? Schedule a tour of this modern wonder, and choose to live in an urban oasis.

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