Sustainable Energy Systems

Solar Installation on New Homes at Pringle Creek Community by Solar Installers, Paul Solonika and Sons, LLC

At Pringle Creek Community, we have many options available for you to make your home be more energy efficient with sustainable energy systems. Renewable energy is definitely an integral part in making your home more sustainable. Why renewable energy (of course, our first reaction to that question is Why not?!…but let’s examine this further). First, what’s the opposite of renewable? It’s finite. That means, once the energy resource is gone, it’s gone bye-bye for probably millions of years. That’s a long time in dog years. Renewable energy doesn’t run out because it’s powered by the sun, and the sun has a long way to go before it turns into a Red Giant (say, billions of years).

Sustainable Energy Systems

Photo Credit: London Space Museum Planetarium

Geothermal and solar are two types of energy systems we have at Pringle Creek Community.  Although, since we sell lots for your home custom build, in theory, you could also add even more types of renewable and efficient systems. Typically, adding geothermal to your individual home could be expensive, but we have a geothermal loop that’s connected to almost half the lots, and this makes having the ability to add geothermal to your home much less expensive. Not only that, but solar is another fantastic way to make sure you’re home is utilizing energy to the upmost. Some people say, “My goodness, you’ve got a lot of rain and clouds there, how will the sun even get to those solar panels?” Truth is, we do have some clouds, but we have examined each lot for it’s solar potential, so you can get the most out of your renewable energy investment. Not only that, but the solar energy credits may slash your payment to a 1/3 of the cost, and with the milder climate of the Pacific Northwest, solar panels may actually last longer than in more severe weather conditions in hotter climates.

We hope this has unpacked some questions about sustainable energy systems and it’s benefits more. If you’re curious and want to learn more about these systems and more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sustainable Energy Systems

Be creative with how you harness renewable energy! Photo credit: Richard Peters, Alternative Energy

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