What do the Net Zero home and Rome’s Pantheon have in common? The key to this mystery lies deep in the materials used in these architectural wonders. Innovation sometimes comes from revisiting ideas that worked in the past, and putting a different spin on them. The Romans were known for many brilliant technologies, one of them concrete, and they incorporated this building method when building the Pantheon almost 2,000 years ago. It’s quite mind boggling to think that they made mental leaps like integrating materials found in the area such as volcanic ash into the structure. This made it so the concrete was less likely to crack, but also it helped make the material lighter, thus making it possible for it to have a rounded ceiling. Of course, the oculus at the top is also a marvel to look through, and that’s why there are drains located at the bottom, because when it rains, it actually comes into the Pantheon. Talk about a masterful micro-climate of artful architecture.

Romantic Technology

Oculus of the Pantheon in Rome.

Pringle Creek Community’s Net Zero home incorporates advanced materials and innovative thinking into its design. Better Builders of Oregon are experts in building ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), and this type of technology endures the Pacific Northwest climate better than traditional builds and provides a very tight envelope making it extremely energy efficient. We are using materials from the Willamette Valley, which is also better for the environment and supporting our local economy. The simplest way of putting it is that by moving materials less of a distance we are actually leaving a lighter footprint on the earth and also supporting local businesses. So, like the Romans, we are locally sourcing building materials, which is better in the long run for everyone.

Net Zero Home

All the green building technology rolled into one is making a healthy and innovative home that saves you money in the long-term. And long-term thinking is what we are all about. Make the Net Zero home uniquely yours. This solar-ready home is available for you and your family.