At Pringle Creek Community, we embrace sustainable practices that produce net zero solutions. Sharing innovative approaches with the greater community creates a more diverse conversation for these sustainable solutions to emerge.

The Power of Zero cover

The International Living Future Institute has written an article about the new book called, The Power of Zero: Learning from the World’s Leading Net Zero Energy Buildings. This book features net zero projects from across the nation including the Zero Cottage in San Francisco, Smith College’s Bechtel Environmental Classroom in Whatley, Massachusetts, as well as our very own Painters Hall at Pringle Creek Community.

The Power of Zero book describes Painters Hall as, “an excellent example of a historic retrofit that achieves the ultimate in energy performance,” and explains the design elements of the building structure. These design elements include the envelope ensuring improved thermal control, an open loop heating and cooling system, natural daylighting accommodating many types of events, and renewable production through a photovoltaic system that harnesses the sun’s rays. All of these features combined make Painters Hall a great space for various events including baby showers, weddings, and a place for organizations to meet. We have even had the pleasure of providing a space for a high school prom last month, which was adorned in sparkling lights and jubilant music filling the air. 

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by during open hours at Painters Hall to take a look at The Power of Zero for a better understanding of its sustainable systems as well as other innovative projects happening across the country.

The Power of Zero infographic

Above: Infographic from the book showcasing how Painter’s Hall Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) is distributed.