[heading]Come join us for an Open House of this award winning home this Saturday 30th April.[/heading]

Living Room Realty will be hosting an open house this Saturday from 11:00am – 2:00pm at 1884 John Muir Circle, SE Salem, OR 97302. Please come meet our wonderful broker Julia and take a tour of the house and community while enjoying some nibbles.

The house we are showing is a LEED Platinum home located in the idilic John Muir loop, perched on a hill overlooking pringle creek. It was built with the most energy efficient systems available, including but not limited too: Smart sustainable design, large solar array, tankless water heater, bamboo floors carpet & solid wood frame energy star windows, open floor layout and private backyard patio.

Each one of these green amenities make this 4 bedroom home a Net Zero house. What does that mean? Well it means this house can produce as much energy as it uses, resulting in massive economical and environmental savings. Over the course of your typical mortgage you should realise over $50,000 in direct savings

So what do Green Amenities really look like?

Sometimes it’s easy to see, for instance, an on-demand water heater, paperstone counters (100% recycled paper) or flooring made of bamboo or cork. But many of the green amenities are not so obvious – such as a high efficiency heating and cooling system, tight wall systems with extra insulation or the use of paint and glues that don’t release toxic chemicals into the air.

Green amenities guarantee a homeowner a high performance and healthy home. Pringle Creek Community ensures this value through third-party rating with the industry leader and highly respected LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) through the US Green Building Council. All of the homes in Pringle Creek Community are LEED certified!

Electricity (LED lights, HVAC – ground source heat pump)

  • Average electric bill in Salem, Oregon is $94 per month *(per www.electricitylocal.com)
  • Average electric bill in Pringle Creek is $60 per month
  • Annual savings = $408
  • Savings over mortgage life = $12,240

Natural Gas (hot water, cooking)

  • Average gas bill in Salem, Oregon $60 to $112 per month * (per Oregon Public Utility Commission)
  • Average Pringle Creek gas bill $12 per month
  • Annual savings = up to $1,200
  • Savings over mortgage life = $36,000

Water and Sewer (low flow, dual flush)

  • Average water/sewer bill in Salem, Oregon is $60 to $75 per month
  • Average water/sewer bill in Pringle Creek is $50
  • Annual savings = up to $300
  • Savings over mortgage life = $9,000

Each year in your LEED certified home in Pringle Creek could save you nearly $2,000 in utility bills! And that’s what we can put a price on. A home that is comfortable, healthy and safe … for your family and the environment … that’s priceless!

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