How do you harness all the wonderful energy that’s going on at Pringle Creek Community? It’s one of the healthiest communities in the nation in part due to our green building standards, which are LEED Certified Silver and above. With LEED Certified homes nestled into 32 acres with over a 1/3 of the community dedicated to shared green space that includes an urban farm and a relaxing creek, this urban oasis is great for healthy living for you and your family.

harness energy live healthy

Nearly completed home

LEED Certification is awarded based on a compilation of points generated from sorts of things like using energy efficient appliances and sustainable materials, decreasing harmful off-gassing chemicals (like using paint without VOCs), planting native plants that use less water for your landscaping, and more. This list doesn’t have to be tricky, and it can be fun to see all the ways you can save money and also leave a lighter footprint on the world. With geothermal heating and cooling you can be more energy efficient and with solar panels you can generate your own energy that’s powered by the sun! You choose the combination of ways to match your lifestyle and values that add up for the LEED Certification.

harness energy live healthy

Lavender and pollinators on the Urban Farm

Sustainable Living Ideas

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