Why is breaking ground so fun? It means that the building is starting and there are so many possibilities! We have just broken ground on Lot 23, John Muir Loop. The plans are for a wonderful LEED Certified home with Net Zero potential. It’s a spacious 2-level, 4 bedroom, and 2.5 bath. It has plenty of room for you and your family to stretch out and enjoy the sun-filled rooms and expansive open plan layout. If you’re a family that’s just welcomed your first child (or third), if you’re a family with lots of fur children, or just want the extra space for working remotely, extended family, or busting out that guitar and drums for impromptu music sessions, then this is the place. You’ve got plenty of room in this versatile home!

ground breaking lot 23

Lot 23 breaking ground!

If you get in from the ground up on the Net Zero home, you will be able to choose many of the finish materials and colors making the home truly yours. Perhaps you’d like the finishes to match your current decor. If you buy early enough in the build process, we can customize the build. For example, maybe you’d prefer 3 bedrooms and a bonus room rather than 4 bedrooms. There are many options when you get in early. The other benefit of getting in early, is that you’ll be able to secure current prices in a real estate market that is projected to increase by more than 5% in the next year.

ground breaking lot 23

Net Zero home

What about sustainability features? Would you like a tankless water heater, and other energy efficient appliances? These are included. Consider some other wonderful options. Would you like to figure out how solar panels might work to make your home generate its own energy? How about radiant heating, so that your toes can warm up when you step right inside your door from a long winter hike? These are just a few choices you can make if you get in early on the build process. Contact us for more information.

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