extra room

How will you design your bonus space?

Who doesn’t like to have a little extra of something special? At Pringle Creek Community, we sell lots for your custom build, so that you can design a home to optimize space for the extra room you desire. Would you like a den to hang all of your prized shots (aka, bird watching photo shoots)? Or perhaps a library to read up on a little John Muir for inspiration next time you go on a hike? How about a place to do your mobile work while staring off into the trees through your big picture window for your “aha!” moments? There are so many options at your fingertips when thinking about how to build your own custom home.

extra room

Click here for some mud room ideas.


A bonus room means you can tailor your home to your specific lifestyle. If you get dirty from the garden, your dog loves to jump in the creek to cool off,  or you’ve been backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail and are a wee bit ripe, perhaps designing a mud room is in order. If you’ve got a tool belt and love to design furniture, or say, a birdhouse, then perhaps a tool shop would suit your needs. The point is, the world is your oyster (oyster mushrooms, anyone?). We understand that your lifestyle is different from your neighbor next door. The ability to build your very own custom home will give you the freedom to distinguish yourself and make life just a little bit easier, because you’re designing for you.

extra room

Click here for secret libraries and more ideas.

What will your custom home look like? Will it be adorned with solar panels that gleam in the sun and harness it’s energy? Will it have a tankless water system so that your home is more energy efficient? Will it have a stellar native garden so other neighbors will begin calling you, “Green Thumb Magee”? Will you have the secret door behind the bookcases that leads to a realm that one can only think, “Is this a secret garden or Batman’s lair?” Okay, that may be pushing it, but you get the idea. The options are here, so contact us to learn how you can have your own custom home in one of the nation’s greenest communities.

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