Building your own home is not only fun, but also you get to take part in all the details that make your home especially unique for you and your family. Jessie and Chris are having a custom home built here at Pringle Creek Community and are pleased with how it’s been going. Jessie notes that she loves “the attention to detail,” given to their home. Jessie and Chris have given some thought as to how their feline friends might use the space, too! Some of the choices Jessie and Chris have made are having a cat door that connects directly into the garage, so that the cat’s business is taken elsewhere. Another custom idea to make the place feel more at home for them was adding a fireplace and a bar in the great room. This will be great “when we are entertaining friends,” Chris mentions. Chris also is pretty stoked about the doors they chose (and they’re beautiful).

custom perks

Jessie and Chris testing out their measuring skills.

One of the perks for building a custom home are feeling more connected to the home when it’s finished. When you look into a room, you realize that you chose how the design would look and took part in the finishing touches. Jessie talks about how it was great to be a part of the whole process and see it all come together and “see our home come to life!” Next up is paint, flooring, and more interesting design choices.

Showing off the new doors that just came in!

Jessie and Chris also view their front and backyard as an extension of their home. They can’t wait to begin choosing the different plants that smell good and look fabulous. They’re even thinking about how the colors in their yard will change throughout the year. Jessie showed a photo of a lovely plant that looked like a bright green fire cracker, and that will be brilliant to see if they choose do plant it! It will be exciting to see how Jessie and Chris’ home looks when it’s completed!