Have you ever smelled some soap, and your gut response was that you wanted to take a big bite out of it? Maybe there was some bright citrus zest or a pumpkin spice that wafted your way, and the thought just came into your mind. Okay, obviously eating soap isn’t a good idea, but how about smelling a soap that made you want to frolic in the fields like someone from Little House on the Prairie? That lavender soap might just be the trick for that relaxing bath. Or how about using a vanilla oatmeal combo for when you’re in the kitchen?

delicious handmade soap

Colleen making delicious smelling soap!

You’re in luck. Our expert Urban Farmer, Colleen Owen, is whipping up some high quality soaps that are delicious. These soaps are also made with local ingredients that are healthy, too. That’s pretty important for your skin, since it’s the largest organ you have (I know, pretty surprising), so you might as well treat yourself to some handmade soap that’s created right here at Pringle Creek Community. Colleen has been working on some soap combinations like oatmeal and honey,  lavender, and lemon using fruit from our lemon trees.

delicious handmade soap

Adding essential oils to the mix.

These soaps are available for purchase at Painters Hall, and will become available at the farm stand once the spring season starts up. Being an Agrihood, we’ve got a lot of other brilliant things in the works for spring, so stay on the look-out. It might not be pygmy goats just yet (one of our team members has that on her wish list), but Cluckingham Palace, our chicken coop, will be having it’s name in the spotlight more!

Delicious Handmade Soap